Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

The Indore Cancer foundation has held many camps in many districts of Madhya Pradesh some of them predominantly tribal and reached out through a network of government health delivery thus reaching out to villages. During these camps impression that was noticeable was that a feeling amongst a number of patients not to have a biopsy done for their problem. They seem to have a feeling that if a biopsy is done the tumour or the cancer will spread. This was a wrong impression that had to be set right..

Why biopsy?

Biopsy has great importance in the treatment of cancer. There are many types of cancers and the treatment method of each cancer is not the same. By doing biopsy the right way forward for the treatment is  clear and that  makes treatment easier.

Biopsy. It can be done in many ways. If the potential cancer is in a place where it has to be reached by endoscopy then it can be biopsied with an endoscope.

There are many misconceptions about biopsies.  The main misconception is that by doing biopsy, the disease spreads.  One has to understand  If it is not treated after biopsy, then the disease can spreads . There is no harm in doing biopsy.

 No cancer patient can be treated without biopsy , it is the starting point of a journey.

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