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With years of experience in surgical oncology, I have always wondered what is it that patients want to know, what is that that which patients want to ask? 

Is it for the fear of cancer, the chances of getting cured? Is it the problems pertaining to treatment? Or is it the cost of treatment? What is it? 

Over the next few blogs I will be sharing my thoughts. To begin with;  the question depends on when do the patients come and see you. Do they see you at the beginning of the treatment or in the middle of the treatment or sometimes later in between. 

But yes, cure  is the first thought often expressed explicitly or implicitly. And why not ? Today it is the improved results that must be spread to communities across regions. The cure and the desire to get well, is also the driving force for everyone on the other side of the table,. Isn’t it?

Three decades ago a patient with refractory disease that was not responding was often considered advanced. Investigational facilities were  poor in standards , few and far between. Patients were often asked to take  patients home and look after them. 

Today there are second line and third line of treatment lines that have passed through the screen of evidence based medicine.

Taking the patient home is still an option at a late stage but care at home still needs to be expressed, shared  and  home care givers trained.

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