Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust


  • Oral Cancer Prevention Survey administered by the Emerald Heights International School Chapter of Friends of ICF to some of the staff of their school and counseling done based on the findings of the survey.
  • Cancer awareness camp organized at Saifee Nagar Masjid Premises.
  • Organized a fortnight-long home-to-home Oral Cancer Prevention Survey in Pigdamber village to identify the high-risk precancerous condition for oral cancer & to detect pre-cancer & high-risk tobacco addict population. The program was conducted by Dr. Shradha Jaiswal, Dr. Rajeev Shrivastav, their students, and IIHNO staff.
  • Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, New York decides to support the purchase of a radiation source (worth approximately INR 54 lakh) for our new telecobalt unit. Thereafter, Dr. Dharkar is the keynote speaker at the Annual Fundraiser of NDMF New York.
  • Linear Accelerator Siddharth 3 started treating patients after a breakdown gap of 28 months.
  • Oncology OPD started at the Indore Cloth Market Hospital (ICMH), in line with the M.O.U signed with them.
  • Students under the American Exchange Programme of American Field Service (AFS) along with students of the Emerald Heights International School, St. Raphael’s, Vidyabhawan, Indore Public School, and Queens College do campus cleaning as part of their community service work.