Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust


The terms and conditions set out here under for Online Payments being offered by IDBI Bank linked with are applicable to any person (“User”) who is intending to avail of the online payment gateway services of Indore Cancer Foundation.

By accessing this Website the User is deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of Online Payment Gateway.


User may make donations by using a Debit/Credit Card or through your Internet Banking Account. User submits and agrees that the debit/credit card details provided by the User to the Payment Gateway for payment transaction processing will be correct and the User shall not use a debit/credit card, which is not lawfully owned by the User. User warrants that he/she is fully and lawfully entitled to use the said Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account for such transactions.

  1. User is responsible to ensure that all the Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account details provided are accurate.
  2. Convenience fees shall be levied for Online Payments using any payment channel (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Wallets & Cash Cards), Convenience fees / internet handling fee. Convenience fee can be either a flat fee (Net Banking) or a percentage (Card Gateway & Wallets & Cash Cards) of the amount that you pay depending on the payment mode selected.
    Card Rate:

    Debit Card Domestic
    Transaction/ Card Rupay Visa / Master
    Amount Up to Rs.2000 0 % 0.9 %
    Above Rs.2000 0 % 0.9 % + GST
    Credit Card Domestic
    Amount Up to Rs.2000 2.9 % 2.9 %
    Above Rs.2000 2.9 % + GST 2.9 % + GST
    *International Card Transaction: 3.9 % + GST
    Net banking Rates:
    1.10% 1.20% 1.65% 1.65% 1.35% 1.10%
    Nil (Domestic Payment only)
  3. Indore Cancer Foundation is providing this service to the User simply as a matter of convenience. Indore Cancer Foundation expressly disclaims any claim or liability arising out of the provision of this service. User agree and acknowledge that he/she shall be solely responsible for his/her conduct and that Indore Cancer Foundation expressly reserves the right to terminate his/her rights to access/use the service at any time it deems fit.
  4. Indore Cancer Foundation will not be liable for any failures in the external link or for any fraud perpetrated either at the payment gateway and/or at the Payment Service Provider’s end that could take place during or after the time of User making payment.