Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

Future Projects

ICF’s journey, in the last 3 decades, has been tough and arduous, though a beautiful one.

Being a charitable, not-for-profit trust, fulfilling all the immediate and/or costly but essential requirements has been quite tough. The progress has been slow because addition to the infrastructure and/or capital equipment has been done only when we were successful in finding a donor for the same. This was/is done to ensure that our ability to offer subsidized treatment to all and free/discounted treatment to the needy is not compromised by financial liabilities.

Coming through past years, the hospital has grown and needs new updated facilities as a result of technological advances as also increase in number of cancer patients.

Following are some prospective projects that we need to undertake in order to continue to offer optimum scientific treatment to all, irrespective of their ability to pay.

S. No. Project Title Budget Benefits/ Need
1. Upgrade the radiotherapy facilities with the addition of brachytherapy, high end linear accelerator, CT Scan and CT simulator 25 crore


With the addition of this equipment, entire spectrum of the required radiotherapy facilities will be available under one roof.
2. Operation Theatre 10 crore


Surgeries will be done on campus at ease and no transport hassle for patients.

If you are a donor and wish to see the full list of Projects in hand, please contact us here.