Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

Shradhanjali Sthal

In October 2010, was born the idea of ‘Shradhanjali Sthal’, a way of keeping the memories of those involved in the growth of the Indore Cancer Foundation, forever integrated with the institution.
An isolated, tranquil place was identified and the sapling of a ‘vad’ tree (banyan) was planted there. A small, a very small pinch, of the ashes of all those who built this institution can be respectfully placed at the base. As the tree grows it will keep watching the Institution. As the Institution grows, it can keep saluting that tree…

An amphitheater is being built here, a place of homage, a Shradhanjali Sthal, where the progeny, patients & their kith and kin could come and remember all those who played an important part (thoughts, actions, time spent, money given) in creating the center and helping the institution grow.

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