Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

Batch of Pilgrims

The Intazamia Committee of the Haj Pilgrims 2011, headed by the Shehar Kazi, Dr. Ishrat Ali, invited the Foundation doctors to talk on cancer prevention and early detection to pilgrims who had gathered at, Indore, prior to leaving for the Haj on 29.10.2011.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta and Dr. Digpal Dharkar spoke to nearly 2000 intently interested listeners: men, women and children, who had come from 31 districts. The gathering was told that 30% of cancers were preventable through life style modification. Plenty of exercise, low fat diet and regular check up are the key to a healthy life. The message was relayed on loud speakers across the length and breadth of the Al Shifa Hospital, Sadar Bazaar, Indore, campus. On this occasion the one minute film on ICF was also shown to the audience. The programme went on till 8 P. M., after which the doctors enjoyed the camaraderie and a sumptuous meal with the Haj pilgrims.