Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

Surgical Pathology Update

Dr. Anita Borges, former Chief of Surgical Pathology, Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai, was our guest on July 28, 2012. She spoke to a gathering of pathologists on “Borderline Pathology”. The program was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Sushma Bhargava and Dr. Jitendra Barania. 42 pathologists including postgraduate students from 3 medical colleges (MGM Indore, Index Medical College, Indore and RD Gardi Medical College, Ujjain), actively participated in this event which started at 5.30 p.m. and went on till 8 p.m.

Earlier, despite a heavy downpour, Dr. Anita Borges visited the Indian Institute of Head and Neck Oncology and after seeing the institute and meeting its staff, wrote in the visitor’s book, “Impressed with the vision and its implementation. The dedication of the staff is particularly impressive”.