Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

One Day-Oncology Nursing Programme

Nursing care of the cancer patient, was the theme of ‎a one-day intensive activity at the Indian Institute of Head and Neck Oncology. Coordinated very well by Dr Suresh Verma, supported by the entire administrative staff led by the Institute CEO, Col. Arup Bose (Red.), and backed by expertise of Dr. Suruchi Singh, Dr. Baldev Dembani, Dr. Anil Sanghvi, Dr. Tushar Phulambrikar, Dr. Nagraj Huilgol, Dr. Virendra Vyas with inputs from the younger team members Dr. Arvind Verma, Dr. Shweta Sawalia, Ms. Sheetal Pargire, Dr. Anurag Pande and Dr. Vaibhav Tarey. The philosophy of all-inclusive teamwork, the hallmark of the culture of our medical activity, was visible to the fore.

Thank you, Dr. Suresh Verma for liaisoning with nursing colleges and thank you Nurses for traveling to Pigdamber in inclement weather.