Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

1st Certificate course on the Management of Cancer Centres

In 2011, the Foundation decided that another way of ensuring the spread of scientific treatment to all, would be to share its learning in these 23 years. Thus was conceived the Certificate Course on the Management of Cancer Centers, for those interested in developing and managing a cancer center.

The 1st course was held in the last half of December 2011. The course focused on all aspects of managing a cancer center: role of HRD in quality health care, importance of effective communication with patients and the role of a counselor in cancer treatment, low cost chemotherapy, regulatory norms, constructing and commissioning a radiotherapy facility, radiation safety norms, role of a dental unit in a cancer center, financial planning of a cancer center, importance of outreach activity (awareness & early detection) and how to organize one, low cost detection approaches, community participation in palliative care (the Bangalore and Trivandrum models), norms for morphine, internet as an educational tool, role of society and support groups, role of de-stressing techniques, 1st hand sharing of running a cancer center (Amravati, Bhopal), ICF’s low budget model. The Faculty was drawn from Amravati, Bangalore, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Ujjain, Wardha and USA.

We hope to make this an annual feature.