Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust


Our donors in India can claim income tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donors in the USA can claim the same benefit by sending their donations through YourCause or the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

ICF is not just an organization, it is a movement. We believe it’s the synergy created by the tireless efforts and the collective wisdom of everyone involved, which will help fulfill its vision.

We have reached this far because of efforts made possible because of the support that we have received. People from all the fields, all the areas, and all the streams have come together and helped us in building an organisation that aids the needy.

However, the surge in cancer cases, the ever-increasing medical costs and our future plans call for greater amounts of donations to keep our wheels in motion.  Day-to-day running of our institute remains a challenge. This despite the fact that from inception, we have undertaken a new project (be it the setting up of the radiotherapy centre or the construction of a dharamshala or upgrading of our radiotherapy unit or construction of a hospice for terminally ill cancer patients) only if financial support was available for the same. This was and is done to ensure that there are no pressures of financial liability and no compromise on the Foundation’s motto of ‘trying to ensure that patient is not denied treatment because s/he cannot afford it.’

Each and every donation and assistance plays an important role in furthering the objectives of our Foundation.



We always look forward to add more members to this family. ICF needs your support and assistance. Be a member and become a part.